Schlemihl's Botany Archive

This body of work was made in collaboration with Japanse artist: Masayo Matsuda.(*)

Within the photographic history, the camera often served as tool to create an archive. In the following series the artists took the opportunity to build an archive that reenacts the journey Peter Schlemihl exploration.

When travelling the world, Peter Schlemihl with the aid of his seven-league boots, walked from one country into another in a matter of minutes. His body moved from a tropical climate into a Mediterranean environment constantly.
Intrigued to experience the same voyage as the character, Matsuda in Japan and Peeters in Brussels, visited the botanical garden. The result of documenting this path became a collection of various small objects: photographic prints, pressed flowers and encyclopedia pages.

(*)The following photographs are solely made by Heleen Peeters. If you would like to view the images made by Masayo Matsuda, please visit: