The Atlas of Peter Schlemihl

‘The Atlas of Peter Schlemihl’ is a collection of works inspired on a book by Albert von Chamisso. In 1814 he wrote ‘Peter Schlemihl’s Miraculous Story’ as a cautionary fable for his friend Julius Eduard Hitzig’s child. The publication tells the fable of a man who strikes a deal with the devil, selling his shadow in exchange for a bottomless wallet. Yet it doesn't take long for Schlemihl to realize that the trade comes at a great cost: a man without a shadow is a man whose existence is placed under question. As a consequence, he is shunned by society, rejected by the woman he loves, and consumed with guilt. After a long and lonely period, Schlemihl evades into nature and devotes himself to the study of all living things. Walking in seven-league boots, he travels the world driven by his love for fauna and flora. It is the communion with nature that finally restores his sense of self, allowing him to reconcile with society and find peace of mind.